Half a Glass

In the last few weeks, I’ve oscillated between intense pessimism and optimism. I’ve dealt with these cycles for much of my life, and I have learned the advantages of both over time. Ultimately, I think the goal is to find a state between the two for the most part, but when we are faced with unknowns, it’s natural to be drawn away from center. Continue reading

The 20-Second Hug

One day, not too long ago, I was in a crummy mood. A friend of mine said to me, “Did you know that a hug that lasts for at least 20 seconds releases oxytocin?” I admitted I’d never heard that, and that I was skeptical that it would feel any more comforting than a normal hug. So she demonstrated.
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Transit Conflicts Transformed

I’ve dealt with random strangers when I’m taking transit who range from rude to aggressive. I have anxiety, so dealing with this roulette wheel every day can be incredibly challenging. I get frustrated, even angry at times, and today was starting to look like one of those days. Continue reading