Tough Choices

Sometimes, we are put in a position where we have to make very hard choices. These often involve situations where whatever we choose, someone gets hurt. Continue reading

Boundary Setting 2: the Importance of Self Care

We’ve all had times when demands on us are heavy, often from multiple directions. Many of us default to accommodating as many demands as possible, and in the process, we forget one very important factor: self-care. Continue reading

Attachment Diaries: Chapter 2

I have surprised myself a couple of times recently with my self-opinion; it would seem, without any specific effort on my part to this end, that I love myself. I even think I’m relatively attractive! Go figure. After a lifetime of self-loathing and poor self-image, this is quite a shock — especially since I was working on this two years ago and kind of gave up. What’s really interesting is that I don’t feel any pride, giddiness, or other egoic signs in it when it happens, so I’m fairly sure it’s not an overcompensation.

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