Boundary Setting 2: the Importance of Self Care

We’ve all had times when demands on us are heavy, often from multiple directions. Many of us default to accommodating as many demands as possible, and in the process, we forget one very important factor: self-care. Continue reading

Attachment Diaries: Chapter 5

I spent a long time arguing with myself about whether I should forcibly end friendships with people I’ve previously dated. Several useful realizations came out of that process.
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Attachment Diaries: Chapter 3

I have longed for a deep and meaningful connection with someone for as long as I can remember, one infused with passion and a deep mutual appreciation. I have tried to see it in every relationship I’ve ever been in, and I have often felt that the absence of reciprocity has been due to some shortcoming on my part; this would invariably motivate me to attempt to convince my partner that I was worthy. I’m sure you already know how that worked out in every case.

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