Embrace the Chaos

This year is the year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology. It is a year of intensity and sudden change – in short, chaos. Many of us have had a very tough year so far, whether it be from health problems, losing family members or friends, or just a seemingly constant onslaught of conflicts. These problems are to a degree or magnitude we haven’t experienced before, which leaves us feeling overwhelmed and run-down. 

But while everything is getting thrown off the usual routine, while everything is getting disrupted and disordered, there are multitudinous changes. They are indiscriminate. They’re happening to everyone. So when it feels like someone has taken your life, turned it upside down, and shaken it, ask yourself: what has fallen out? Did I really need that?

The thing about change is that, if you embrace it, you can have a hand in shaping it. So while your life is getting shaken up, if you go with it, you might be able to find a life you’ve always dreamed of but couldn’t get to. There was stuff blocking you. With everything getting jostled about, maybe those blocks move. Maybe you have a clear path.

Life is like a raging river. You can tire yourself out trying to swim upstream, or you can go with the flow and see where it takes you. This year, chaos is the rule; chaos is the river. If you fight it, it might drown you, but if you embrace it, it could take you somewhere you never expected.

So take some chances. Fortune favours the bold, as they say, and that is very apt this year. Find that place inside you that’s chaotic and let it out a little. Have some fun with it. Do something you’ve always wanted to that you’ve been putting off. And if you don’t have time just yet, set your intention clearly that you will seize your next opportunity. This year is going to kick our asses, so let’s try to make some good things happen, too.

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