Shaping the Future

The future is this nebulous haze of possibilities. We always have ideas of what it could be like, whether appealing or frightening. Often, we can see both types of futures for ourselves; this seems to happen most when we have little control over certain situations in the present.

I read a few days ago that we tend to worry because it makes us feel like we’re doing something in situations where there’s little or nothing else we can actually do. Yet we all intuitively understand that worrying is counterproductive.

One element is that we expend a certain amount of mental and emotional energy on worry that could be put to use elsewhere, but sometimes worry catches up with us when we have nothing else to do – or when we’re trying to sleep! Then, that argument is of little help.

If we look at each version of the future we can see as actually possible, we will notice differences in the emotional or energetic tone. The one that makes us feel the best is usually the one we hope for most, but we tend to fixate on the other possibilities in hopes of finding some way of avoiding them.

The thing about thoughts and intentions, though, is that it’s a lot like driving: wherever you’re looking, that’s the direction you start to go. So the first step is to focus on the version of reality you like most.

It occurred to me yesterday that the best way to do that is by cultivating the emotional and energetic state within yourself that is in line with the future that appeals to you. If you can successfully maintain that state, then your ideal future will resonate on the same frequency as you, making it a better fit. A nice added bonus to this approach is that, even if your perceived ideal future doesn’t happen, you will find another that also fits with that positive inner space.

So, we worry because we feel powerless to effect any change in our lives, but it’s a trick. We do have the power to shape our future, and we do so by taking control of the only sphere where we ever truly have any control at all: our inner world.

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